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:bulletwhite: Kira Irene Trinity :bulletblack:
K.I.T by AmayaFox Commission AmayaFox: Couple by NaipesInk
Kit chibi by Blind-Kidd kira by Pharaoh-Ink
KIT by scarsaw
:bulletgreen: Older Kira :bulletgreen:
Commission: Kira Irene Trinity by row

:bulletblack: Weapons :bulletwhite:
Keyblade final for Amayafox by WaruiJaNaiRevolver for Amaya Fox Final by WaruiJaNaiDouble bladed scythe for Amaya Fox by WaruiJaNai

:bulletred: Layla Elaine "Lain" Trinity :bulletred:
Commission: Layla Elaine Trinity by row

:bulletblack: Cornelius Roy Trinity :bulletblack:
COMM: Cornelius by naisei

Old Design
Commission: Cornelius Roy Trinity by row

:bulletblue: Shelby :bulletblue:
:YCH: Mademoiselle by Donnecha Shelby by AmayaFox
Shelby by AmayaFox Sitting With My Lovley Tune by Blind-Kidd

:bulletpurple: Alexandria :bulletpurple:
Commission : Alex by mkw-no-ossan Alex Being Fabulous by Ryoni-Zero
Commission N.11 by Revolution-M Alexchibi by Blind-Kidd

:bulletred: Cassandra :bulletred:
PC: Cassandra by mosspelthasUlquiorra Commission N.13 by Revolution-M

:bulletblack: Marta :bulletblack:
PC: Marta by mosspelthasUlquiorra

Newest Deviations

Linearts I've colored, Stories I've written, Pictures I've taken and then a few that were drawn for me, but never put up for anyone to see.

:bulletblue: Some Awesome and talented artists :bulletblue:


More Original Characters

:bulletyellow: Kitsuna :bulletyellow:
CM :: FoxyestWolf by NauticalSparrow Kitsunamon by AmayaFox
Foxyestwolf by kiraLb Up you go by Blind-Kidd
Kitsunamon by CrescentReflections

:bulletblue: Amaya Tsukino :bulletblue:
COM: Moon's Child by riiko23
[commission 01] for AmayaFox by mjishii cutie puppy by Blind-Kidd
Amaya Tsukino and Kouji Minamoto by AmayaFox Takuya Kanbara and Amaya Tsukino by AmayaFox
Amaya Tsukino, Kouji Minamoto and Kouichi Kimura by AmayaFox Commission for FoxyestWolf by riiko23

:bulletred: Rin and Kana :bulletblack:
PC: Kana and Rin by Ariesayu PC: Male Kana an Rin :D by Ariesayu

:bulletwhite: Others :bulletwhite:
:Guardians: Commission by kiraLb

I'm thinking of hosting a character design contest.... 

1 deviant said It will have a cash prize
No deviants said It will be of twins, either both boys or one boy and one girl
No deviants said It will have the parents shown
No deviants said It will have some features that the characters have to have
No deviants said I might need a bit of help organizing this...
No deviants said Probably not gonna do this til after July, due to a wedding that is being planned




Sep 21, 2014
6:05 am
Sep 21, 2014
12:21 am
Sep 20, 2014
8:55 am
Sep 19, 2014
6:05 am
Sep 17, 2014
2:41 pm

July-August Update

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 31, 2014, 1:16 PM

:bulletgreen: Wedding

The renewal of vows/wedding for my parents was a success! No drama during the ceremony, but a lot of arguing, stress and me having an anxiety attack the days before and week after. I am uploading pictures when DA lets me, cause i promised to and cause I'm proud of the pictures.

:bulletred: Contest

My contest is now on hold. I don't have the funds right now, and I am waiting on one of the parents to be drawn. I have some of the details written down and saved.
If anyone has hosted a contest where the people that enter draw the kids of two ocs, please give me some advice.

:bulletpurple: House

I will be moving by the end-first of the year! This is good news for us because we are actually buying the house and not renting. The house needs TLC and a good bit of fixing up, but its got land to it and is in a nice location. This is also one reason I am having to postpone my contest. It also means I won't be commissioning art for a little while. So my house is fixing to be filled with boxes and I'm gonna be helping my dad re-floor the house, build pens and such for the next months.

So I'm basically gonna turn into my dad's fourth son instead of his third daughter for a while. I will most likely post pictures of before and after we start working on it. The plus to this house is no carpet, anywhere and I can paint my walls, ceiling whatever I friking want to do now. 

:bulletblue: Job + Car

My job is going fairly well, but its keeping me busy five out of seven days a week. I like my job, but my boss can be a pain in the ass. I plan to seek a better job in the not so distant future. With my job I also got a car that I'm paying for, but I love it. The best part is it's in mine and my fathers names and my dad cried when I told him this. Seeing a 67 year old hard hearted man cry is the weirdest sight in the world. 

:bulletblack: Writing

I am still writing, but I've got a lot of projects started that I just haven't been able to finish yet. Most of my stories are under reconstruction.
Moonlight Rain is at a stand still until i can get back into writing on it.
Behind the Scenes is under going a full rewrite, because I have new oc's that hadn't been developed and I wanna change my oc a bit.
Akabara Sisters is under a full blown rewrite, but I haven't started it yet and have deleted the first three chapters four times already.
Aokigahara is a new story which involves my oc and my sisters oc as a couple with a lot of problems. It's also my first boy love story; I've never attempted writing two men together and I've never written a sex scene in my life
(Though I am working on one atm *shot*)

That's all for now. Oh, if I've commissioned you and noted you after the initial note of ordering and then the questions afterwards; please don't be scared to read the note. I'm not a bitchy or impatient person, I just like to check on the artists once in a while and sometimes I change my mind on characters or there's details I forgot to mention. My oc's are alsways under going some sort of changes, especially if they've never been written. I have one oc that went from short short hair to long hair to shoulder length to straight to curly to wavy to spiked and then he had no scars, then one, now four. I'm always over thinking things and I love each of my oc's and I write with them out of my own enjoyment and not to impress someone else. 

I'll be posting pictures soon!!!
(I hope)

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AmayaFox's Profile Picture
United States
:bulletblue: Name: Fox
:bulletblue: Age: 22
:bulletblue: Gender: Female
:bulletblue: Dating Status: Not interested
:bulletblue: Dating Preference: Men
:bulletblue:Hobbies: Coloring, Writing, Reading, Singing
:bulletblue: Best at: Fanfiction writing (at least that's the only thing I think I'm good at)
:bulletblue: Attitude: Positive most of the time, mix in a little anti-socialness/awkwardness and it mixes out my personality.
:bulletblue: First appearance: Quiet and I am sometimes mistaken for a snob because of my quiet and shy nature.
:bulletblue: Fursona: Fox my red and silver wild dog/fox oc
:bulletblue: Family: I have a real one and an adopted one, mess with either and I am not a nice person.
:bulletblue:Favorite style of art: Anime/Animal
:bulletblue:Favorite cartoon character: Kouji Minamoto
:bulletblue:Favorite Animal: Fox and Wolf
:bulletblue: Favorite Artists on DA: :iconwaruijanai::iconblind-kidd::icondonnecha::iconnaipesink: and a lot of others
:bulletblue:Personal Quote: I've lost my mind......Have you seen it?
:bulletpurple: Religious Views: I am a Christian, but I don't force my religion, I don't judge others much, I love my Gay/Bi/Les/Trans friends to pieces and I'm happy if you are happy, ya know?
:bulletred: My DA ID is made by :iconblind-kidd:

:bulletgreen: My sisters :iconkooriakuma: :iconrawrrxixeatxyou: :iconwolfre-re:
:bulletwhite: My Cousin :iconeunicesakuyaki12:

Wanna know something else, asking always works!

Treasured Friends

Not only are these lovely people beautiful artists, but they are also some of the sweetest people I have ever met besides my online and adopted sisters

Kidd and Warui reff by Blind-Kidd

without a heart by Donnecha


Commission for FoxyestWolf - Forgiving Grace by WaruiJaNai
Commission for FoxestWolf - Forgiving Grace by WaruiJaNai

Akabara Sisters

:bulletblack: As a Group :bulletblack:
Point Commission - 4 Girls by Shiranukii Group sketch by CrescentReflections
Four Seasons Grace - CM by Arashi-Hikari

:bulletblue: Koori Akabara :bulletblue:
Commission: Koori by naisei Books by AmayaFox
CM: Koori and Kai by Chloeeh Commission N.16 by Revolution-M
Commission - AmayaFox [1/3] by NaipesInk Commission Amaya [3] by NaipesInk
Koori chibi -commission- by Blind-Kidd
:bulletwhite: Original Design :bulletwhite:
Commission: Kai and Koori by riiko23

:bulletorange: Amaya Akabara :bulletorange:
Commission: Amaya by naisei Thriller by AmayaFox
CM: Riku Amaya Height Chart by Chloeeh Commission N.14 by Revolution-M
Commission - AmayaFox by NaipesInk Commission Amaya by NaipesInk
Amaya chibi by Blind-Kidd
:bulletwhite: Original Design :bulletwhite:
Commission: Kouji and Ami by riiko23 C'est ma copine by sHinjiKari

:bulletgreen: Kelsey Akabara :bulletgreen:
COMM: Kelsey by naisei TeeHee by AmayaFox
CM: Kelsey and Rei Height Chart by Chloeeh Commission - AmayaFox [3/3] by NaipesInk
Commission Amaya [4] by NaipesInk Commission N.15 by Revolution-M
Kelsey Chibi by Blind-Kidd
:bulletwhite: Original Design :bulletwhite:
Commission: Rei and Kelsey by riiko23

:bulletpurple: Robyn Akabara :bulletpurple:
Commission: Robyn by naisei Games Anyone? by AmayaFox
CM: Roxas and Robyn Height Chart by Chloeeh Commission N.17 by Revolution-M
Commission - AmayaFox [2/3] by NaipesInk Commission Amaya [2] by NaipesInk
Robynchibi by Blind-Kidd
:bulletwhite: Original Design :bulletwhite:
Commission: Robyn and Kouichi by riiko23



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